How To Get Fit For Life In 9 Effective Steps

Knowing how to get fit often becomes confusing, complicated and ultimately frustrating for many. But I stay firm in my belief that it does not have to be the insurmountable challenge many now find it to be. So how can we strip it down, simplify the process and help you succeed in making yours a Fit Life?

I have identified 9 effective steps to show you how to get fit and live your very best life. Let me first say and get the notion out of the way that getting fit is not about achieving a ripped, cover model body. It is about being functionally fit and strong, lean, toned, with healthy cardio capacity and overall physical health.

So, here’s the basics of how to get fit.

Number 1: The Right Attitude

Don’t even think about how to get fit if you are not willing to take a look at your attitude about fitness, about yourself and your life.

I don’t say that to be nasty or contrary. But if your attitude is not right about this effort then your failure is sealed. Conversely, if your attitude is positive and affirming then your success is certain.

If you want to know how to get fit, begin with the words that roll past your lips, the messages that enter your ears, the information that permeates your mind through your eyes. Surround yourself with affirming company, like minded, supporting friends and community. And if isn’t positive, get rid of it. You have to speak and receive positivity.

Number 2: An Active Lifestyle

The next step in how to get fit is to live active. I’m not yet talking about a fitness program. I’m talking about being active in the basic, daily, normal things of life. Walking up the stairs rather than taking the escalator. Walking around the neighbourhood on Saturday afternoon or in the evenings with the family. Going fishing. Just don’t go to work, sit at a desk, drive home, then sit in front of the TV all evening before going to bed and doing it all over again the next day.

I know you are tired. But I also know that the more active you are the more energy you will have, the better you will feel and the more vibrant your life will be. So get up, get moving in the normal, ordinary every day things of life and reap great rewards.

Number 3: Follow a Fitness Plan

Living active is a great start as you learn how to get fit. But a professional, focused¬†fitness plan¬†really brings it home. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember, you aren’t training to be a cover model in Sports Illustrated. You are simply training for a vibrant, active, healthy, functional, strong body that works for you every day.

3-5 days a week, 30-60 minutes a day is how to get fit for life. From a few Tabata circuits to a cardio, bodyweight or weight training routine, just get in there and make it happen. You’ll feel infinitely better when you do and the rest of your life will be so much more alive!

Number 4: Mix it Up!

Once you have established a lifestyle of activity, mix it up. Too often people find something they enjoy or can do and just keep doing it over and over and over again until they hit a plateau of frustration and stagnation.

In discovering how to get fit for life, learning to mix things up is crucial. Don’t do the same program, same routine, same series of sets and reps day in and day out. Your body will adjust and soon it will simply be you going through the motions with no new results.

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